Rabu, 30 Mac 2011

family horoskop...boleh percaya ker...

Onie rajin juga buka web baby centre..saja jer tgk family horoskop ni..boleh percaya ker..saja la layan..jom layan sama sama.....

Pisces Parent( Mr Hubby) & Taurus Parent ( Umi)

This is a delightful combination for a parenting team. Both of you are gentle, affectionate and kind. You want the best for your children. They will be quite indulged and never in doubt of your love for them.

Of the two of you, the Taurus parent is the more grounded and practical. You work long and hard to provide for your family, whether yours is a paying job or not. You're stable and dependable, with an earthiness and slow pace that your children appreciate. Of course, you're quite stubborn, and this is where the Pisces parent can step in to help.

The Pisces mum or dad is sensitive, with a strong intuitive and emotional connection to your children that operates even at a distance. Yes, you may be somewhat spaced out, forgetful or disorganised at times, but they see right through that to your heart of gold.

Pisces Parent ( Mr Hubby) & Sagittarius child ( Adam Haziq)

A couple of wanderers

Your Sagittarius child keeps you busy, that's for sure! This adventurous, playful child is always on the go. Even when she's still in nappies, it can be a challenge to keep up with her. You love your little one's curiosity and you have no problem letting her explore her boundaries. You're a somewhat relaxed parent, and you give little Sagittarius the freedom she needs.

Neither of you is much for details, so the day-to-day tasks like getting your child to school on time, serving regular meals, establishing a bedtime routine can all be a bit of a stretch for you. Let's hope there's someone else in your lives to provide a practical, grounding influence for you and your little Sagittarius. Otherwise, your instinct is to wander through your imagination while your child wanders the world.

Taurus Parent ( Umi) & Sagittarius Child ( Adam Haziq)

Let your child roam

Your Sagittarius child is energetic and curious by nature and wants nothing more than to get out and roam the world. From an early age, he loves being outside regardless of the temperature or weather conditions. He adores travel, even if it's just a trip to the supermarket in a nearby town, but a camping trip or a visit to another country would be even better!

You appreciate your little one's honesty, his sense of morality and his happy heart, but while you're certainly up for life's many pleasures, you're just not quite as adventurous as him. Stable and grounded, you prefer the comforts of home to breaking away from what's familiar to stretch limits and investigate ideas. However, your Sagittarius child needs the freedom to explore the boundaries of his existence.

faham faham la sendiri k..malas la nak translate...... :)

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